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Hotels in Uzbekistan 

Hotels in Uzbekistan are notable for their diversity and hospitality. Despite the fact that in most cases, hotels in Uzbekistan consist of 20 rooms, they correspond to the stated star and meet all international standards. Excellent location of the hotels provided on our site will give you the opportunity to stay relatively close to all the attractions in the city and experience the seething life of people. We will help you choose the hotel according to your needs and requirements 


The Pearl of the East

Uzbekistan is a warm and sunny land, located in the heart of Central Asia and bordered with countries such as Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Since ancient times, it has attracted travelers from all over the world. Uzbekistan is famous for the extraordinary hospitality and people are always friendly and smiling. You will always be served with a cup of green tea and fresh, hot bread just came from the tandoor 


Guidelines for the tourist

Now you have planned your trip, packed your bags and bought tickets. Finally, the date of your trip is approaching. Go to our "guidelines for the tourist traveling to Uzbekistan" section and look for the country in. Find out more about it; about what is permitted by law and the customs of Uzbekistan and what it is better not to do